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october in the art room - textiles

This month we were exploring textiles and their use in art, specifically we looked at the tradition of Guatemalan worry dolls and used this as a jumping off point for creating our own unique doll from wool, cloth and twigs.

Worry dolls work in progress

Worry dolls work in progress 2

Worry dolls work in progress 3

The children were very focused from the start and it was lovely to see that they all really engaged with the making and once they all got beyond the initial stages of wrapping the twigs, some very individual dolls started to emerge.

Worry doll collage 3

Worry doll collage 4

Kandinsky continued

We also spent time working on their Kandinskys from last session which meant we didn't have a chance to start the second textile project I had planned. That will have to wait til another time!

Kandinsky continued 2