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november in the art room - portraits

There was a lot packed into this month's session.

We began with a quick warm up where the children were asked to draw the person opposite them but were instructed not to look down at their paper. The kids thought this was great fun, although tricky not to look!

Next I talked the children through facial proportions while they sketched the person opposite again but this time we worked slowly making sure that the features were 'in the right place". I explained the simple rules that help us do this.

facial proportions work in progress

Facial proportions sketch 1

Facial proportions sketch 2

Portraits - mixing flesh tones
Then it was time to get mixing, as I explained how to create flesh tones and gave the children time to experiment with creating their own.
Portraits - mixing flesh tones
While they worked, we talked about different colours of flesh and complexion and how we might go about creating the colours needed to paint ourselves or someone with very different skin colour.

After that, we began our paintings.

I had prepped mounting board with torn music paper covered with a thin wash of primer to give interest to the background. The children selected the board that appealed to them before sketching out a face. The majority wanted to work on a self portrait and were encouraged to work expressively and try and capture how they were feeling that day but some children were keen to continue working from life having begun the class drawing from the person opposite them, so we ended up with a mixture of portraits and self portraits.

The pictures below are work in progress, we will finish these paintings next time but the quality of the work was excellent and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

Portraits work in progress 1

Portraits work in progress 4

Portraits friday group - work in progress

Portraits saturday group - work in progress