artist and maker

january in the art room - georgia o'Keefe

For our first class of the new term, we were looking at the work of Georgia O'Keefe, in particular her flower and shell paintings. We began with a bit of information about the artist herself before having a closer look at some of her work. We discussed how the flower paintings are often closely cropped featuring one or two flowers. After that we got to work, beginning with a couple of warm up sketches. The first one encouraged the children to work slowly and to focus on the details of the object. In the second drawing we focused less on detail and more on producing a simple, clean shape. After that we spend a bit of time exploring the soft pastels, learning how to blend, shade and mix colours.

o'Keefe work in progress --2

O'Keefe work in progress -1

O'Keefe work in progress 3

After the break we began work on our final pieces. Everyone chose an object, either a flower, shell or geode. The instructions were to sketch out the object in pencil, filling the entire page. The object had to 'fall off' the edge of the page on at least one side of the paper. Once sketched out, the children worked in soft pastels, focusing on creating depth through shading and tone.

O'Keefe work in progress 1

O'Keefe work in progress 2

O'Keefe Flowers 1

O'Keefe Flowers 2

O'Keefe flowers 3