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february in the art room - fruit inspired pinch pots

This workshop was an opportunity for the children to work with clay, something that they were all very enthusiastic to try! The theme was fruit and vegetables and we began by looking very carefully at the different textures and shapes. We used charcoal and soft pastels to try and capture as much as possible of the look and feel of the various fruit and veg and spent the first hour focused on that.

Fruit drawings 1

fruit drawings 2

fruit drawings 3

Next we all made a view finder to place over our drawings in order to focus in on a particular area that would become the basis for the decoration of our pots.

fruit drawings - viewfinder 1

fruit drawings - viewfinder 2

fruit drawings collage 1

fruit drawings collage 2

fruit drawings collage 3

fruit drawings collage 4

Then it was time to create our pots. I don't have any photos of this stage as my hands were covered in clay but basically we all started with a ball of clay that we gradually shaped into a pot by pressing our thumbs into the middle of the ball and gentle pulling the clay upwards to create the sides. Once everyone had shaped the pot as they wished, they used their drawing as reference and created a pattern on the sides of their pot. The results are very unique and individual.
I'm in the process of trying to get the pots fired but if that doesn't work out, we can paint them next session instead.

pinch pots 1

pinch pots 2

pinch pot 3